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The following couples confirm the authenticity of our algorithms.

Queen Máxima of the Netherlands and Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands
The most popular royal couple in the Netherlands? It must be Queen Máxima and Willem-Alexander. Now they are adored by the Dutch even if the beginning of their common life was not easy, but true love overcame everything.
Beatrice Borromeo and Pierre Casiraghi
One of the best well-matched couple in the royal world is the Italian noblewoman Beatrice Borromeo and her husband Pierre Casiraghi, who is a descendant of the Monegasque royal family. According to our algorithms, their energies are truly compatible.
Queen Letizia of Spain and Felipe VI
Another fairy tale love story. We’re talking about king Felipe VI and his beloved queen Letizia. From an ordinary girl to a queen! Thanks to a great energy match, they were able to overcome every obstacle.
Queen Anne-Marie of Greece and Constantine II of Greece
True love? Queen Anne-Marie of Greece and her husband king Constantine II of Greece have been married for many years! They prove that true love exists and that it is possible to find a real soulmate!
Catherine (Duchess of Cambridge) and Prince William (Duke of Cambridge)
This couple’s wedding was watched by thousands of people around the world! We are of course talking about Prince William and Catherine, one of the most recognizable couples in the world. The story of their love was even presented in the movie “William & Kate: The Movie”!
Queen Mathilde of Belgium and Philippe of Belgium
Their wedding came as a surprise to all Belgian society. The current Queen Mathilde and her husband king Philippe have been together for many years! Good energy match = greater chance of a successful relationship.
Princess Madeleine (Duchess of Hälsingland and Gästrikland) and Christopher O'Neill
Is this another story about true love? The Swedish princess Madeleine supported the career of her husband Christopher O’Neill and left her family in Sweden by moving with her soul mate to America. It must be true love.
Princess Marie of Denmark and Prince Joachim of Denmark
Although Princess Marie is not the first wife of prince Joachim of Denmark she may be his last love and true soul mate! They seem to have been inseparable since their wedding.
Queen Sonja of Norway and Harald V of Norway
The relationship of king Harald V and his wife Sonja proves that it is worth fighting for true love! The heir to the throne made it a condition that he would marry only his current wife, regardless of her indigent background. Despite many obstacles, they have been together for many years!
Queen Sofía of Spain and Juan Carlos I
The former Queen Sofía of Spain met her current husband, Juan Carlos I, at the age of 15! Seeing their great result and good energy match, no one should be surprised that they are still together after all these years.
Charlene (Princess of Monaco) and Albert II (Prince of Monaco)
Although Prince of Monaco, Albert II, was considered one of the most amorous men on the French Riviera, he finally decided to settle down and married Charlene Grimaldi. In addition to their shared passion for sports, they also have a great energy match.
Olympia von und zu Arco-Zinneberg and Jean-Christophe (Prinz Napoléon)
He’s got one of the most influential names in the world – Bonaparte. She’s a countess from an equally wealthy family. We are, of course, talking about prince Jean-Christophe and his wife Olympia Bonaparte, whose wedding took place in 2019. According to our analysis, they are really well-matched.
Anne (Princess Royal) and Timothy Laurence
Queen Elizabeth II’s only daughter, princess Anne, is portrayed by the media as a serious and not very sociable person. However, the exception are the pictures taken many years ago, when she started to date her current husband Timothy Laurence. Here is proof of how the right person and true love can make you happy!
Sophie (Countess of Wessex) and Prince Edward (Earl of Wessex)
Another perfectly-matched royal couple is Queen Elizabeth II’s youngest son Edward and his wife Sophie. They create a truly synchronous relationship, which is confirmed by our algorithms.
Marie-Chantal (Crown Princess of Greece) and Pavlos (Crown Prince of Greece)
Even though the times of the monarchy in Greece are over, the marriage of Marie-Chantal and Pavlos is still going on! They are a happy family which now lives a peaceful life in New York. With such a great match, it must be true love!
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