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October 29, 2020

Humans can continuously optimize themselves and through these abilities to cope with severe crises. We are currently in the 2nd wave of the Covid-19 pandemic, which has hit almost the entire world. There has not been a comparable situation for 100 years, and so all of us who are alive during these times must face this mental challenge.

That is certainly easier said than done, but we humans have an innate ability that shows us the way out of any crisis, even in these very difficult and challenging times. I’m talking about the malleability of the human brain and its synapses. Science calls this phenomenon neuroplasticity. It can be the key to mastering any crisis and make us better and stronger overall. It is true that stress can have more than negative effects. It can trigger the brain’s synapses to the point that they reconnect so that we, as human beings, can achieve an increased state of neuroplasticity, as the neurobiologist Andrew Huberman claims. Our brains don’t just stop developing when we grow up. Huberman says that the greatest progress occurs when we focus on something and/or when we are exposed to great stress. The current Covid-19 crisis undoubtedly means great stress for many people, but it also means that we have a great opportunity to improve and to come out of this crisis stronger and more developed. The YourLoveCode project was created under the premise that all people are energetically connected to one another. If the theory of neuroplasticity is correct, then humans can adapt to any situation.

If we include spooky action at a distance, also called quantum mechanics, in this thought construct, we will see that neuroplasticity is also of decisive importance to establish a connection on a higher meta-level between people who share the same energy. We do not exist as individual energy patterns in a vacuum. No, we are connected to our environment and above all to our fellow human beings on a quantum level. This means that there is also the possibility of joint optimization through a neuroplasticity that functions on the meta-level. Huberman says that there must be congruence between body and mind. YourLoveCode basically says the same thing; we only use the term synchronicity, which describes the same phenomenon. If the energies of two people interact with each other as congruently / synchronously as possible, then there is a much higher potential that these people harmonize with each other, which greatly increases the potential for interpersonal relationships of all kinds.

If we use our innate neuroplasticity to remain mentally stable during the Corona crisis, we might become even stronger, it also works better when we seek contact with people with whom we are congruent / synchronous. This contact can also take place over a distance and through technical aids such as WhatsApp, Zoom, FaceTime etc. Through the powers of quantum mechanics, we also connected to one another, even over great distances. But it is important that we are energetically on the similar level. Then we can improve together and help each other. This is our chance to connect on the meta-level with the people who are most like us and who also have a similar potential to change the world for the better. So, use the chance to come together and connect with people you share the same vibe with.

We’ll help you to achieve this!

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