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December 29, 2020

Empathy: Being able to empathize with other people is one of the most important human abilities. It is especially important when a person is seeking love. What is this ability, colloquially called empathy, based on? An empath is highly sensitive when it comes to sensing what other people want and can decode hidden emotions. But how does this ability work and how it is possible to find a love match through it. According to the Third Hermetic Law (The Kybalion), everything vibrates and is in motion. Empathy can make these energetic-synchronous vibrations noticeable. Empathy inspires us, arouses our energy and creativity. When, through our thoughts, we feel ever deeper connected to another person, we can decode emotional signals.

Above all, empaths have these extremely fine antennas for each other. This might enable them to communicate telepathically while seeking love. Everyone has surely experienced this while flirting. Sometimes we are expecting a message, and at the same moment the longed-for message comes. Then happiness, joy and astonishment mix. How can romantic love be so powerful?

Especially in phases of mental uncertainty, for example, at the beginning of a romantic love relationship, we can focus on empathy and rely on it to find deep love. It is a perfect way to find a love match. If you want to practice this, you consciously think a certain thought several times a day, which is thus stored in the subconscious. If the hope of being loved by a beloved person is our greatest wish, we can always think of him or her.

The YourLoveCode test is based on energy transfer, which in turn plays an important role in empathy. This is a crucial argument to trust us and just try the test while seeking love.

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